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Healthy Kids Community Challenge - Run. Jump. Play. Every Day.

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is an initiative funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to support the well-being of children. The challenge focuses on promoting healthy eating, physical activity, and healthy behaviours for children under the age of twelve, using social media marketing tools, training, and funding for community projects. Fourty-five communities across Ontario were chosen to participate in the challenge over the three year funding period.

London and Middlesex were both chosen to be a part of this initiative to help children lead healthier lives. The HEAL is working with the HKCC to execute their goals of the challenge in the most efficient and effective way. A community needs assessment was created by the HEAL for both London and Middlesex in order to gain a greater understanding of the individual neighbourhoods and townships as well as the communities as a whole. We have also been invovled in community consultation in both London and Middlesex to see how best to use the funds from the HKCC initiative. Photos from our events can be found above.

For further information about the HKCC Provincial initiative check out the link here

Thirteen neighbourhoods were chosen based off a priority designation made by the Child and Youth Network (CYN) London representing 78 elementary schools in the city. The funds available through this initiative will help the CYN create a greater impact in the London community. They will support existing and facilitate new projects that align with both the HKCC and CYN's goals to support children's healthy active lifestyles.

Priority Neighbourhoods: Argyle, Carling, East London, Glen Cairn, Hamilton Road, Highland, Huron Heights, Medway, Southcrest, West London, Westminster, Westmount, and White Oaks.

For further information about the City of London's HKCC initiative check out the link here.

The Community needs assessment is also available here.

For further information about the London HKCC contact:

Josh Archer
Healthy Eating & Health Physical Activity Project Manager
Child & Youth Network

William Roberts
Project Manager
City of London HKCC
Email: wroberts[at]

Middlesex is divided into eight townships, all of which are included in the HKCC initiative. Like London, the funds made available over the three year period will help support existing and new community based projects that reflect the goals of the HKCC.

Townships: Adelaide-Metcalfe, Strathroy-Caradoc, Lucan- Biddulph, Middlesex Centre, Newbury, North Middlesex, Southwest Middlesex, Thames Centre

For further information about Middlesex County's HKCC initiative check out the link here

Nadive Devin
Project Manager
Middlesex County HKCC

For more information about the HEAL's involvement or the community needs assessment please contact:

Dr. Jason Gilliland
Associate Professor
Director, HEAL Lab

Dr. Andrew Clark
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Project Coordinator
Email: aclark2[at]