HEAL Alumni Profile: Dr. Richard Sadler

Dr. Richard Sadler from Michigan State University shares his graduate experience, research, and role as a current HEAL Faculty Associate. Dr. Richard Sadler completed his PhD in Geography with Dr. Jason Gilliland in the HEAL in 2013. During his studies with the HEAL, Dr. Sadler examined food access and alternative food systems with a focus […]

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Promoting healthy beverage consumption habits among elementary school children

Canadian children are consuming high amounts of sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs). These beverages include regular pop, fruit flavoured drinks, sport drinks, and energy drinks. To help improve the diet quality of children, a movement has emerged to reduce sugar sweetened beverage consumption and replace sugary drinks with water, a calorie- and sugar-free alternative. The Healthy […]

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Dr. Candice Nykiforuk – Public Lecture

Dr. Candice Nykiforuk from the University of Alberta presents at the CHEWS Public Lecture event at the London Public Library’s Wolf Performance Hall. The Children’s Health and the Environment Workshop & Symposium (CHEWS) was held at Western University with the support of The Lawson Foundation. You can also watch more videos from Dr. Nykiforuk.

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