HEALYAC Meeting 8

During meeting 8, the HEALYAC provided their opinions on Drew Bowman’s Food Advertisement study and provided feedback through a survey administered by Bowman. The group gave their answers on what component (Price, image, colour etc) of food advertisements are most persuasive to teens. AJ Wray and Suraj Paul gave a presentation about PCR Statements (Principle, […]

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Assessing children’s menus by neighbourhood socioeconomic characteristics.

With childhood obesity on the rise in Canada and the USA, it is important to understand the factors that play a role in shaping obesity outcomes. North American food environments often promote high-energy, high-fat, high-sugar foods and beverages, especially in low-income and highly socio-economically deprived neighbourhoods. However, compared to the USA, Canada sees slightly lower […]

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Jason Gilliland of HEAL Featured in Western News for Primary-Care Proximity Study

Dr. Jason Gilliland, Director of the HEAL team and a Geography professor at Western University, has been featured in Western News on the recently published study in the journal PLOSone – looking at primary-care accessibility to London’s vulnerable populations. The article highlights findings that geographic equity exists in London when considering one’s accessibility to a health care […]

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