Justine Horne, and Paige Colley successfully defended their PhD theses

The HEAL would like to congratulate Dr. Justine Horne and Dr. Paige Colley who successfully defended their theses under the supervision of Dr. Jason Gilliland in 2020.  The Nutrigenomics, Overweight/Obesity, and Weight Management Trial (The NOW Trial)  Justine Horne successfully defended her PhD thesis titled The NOW Trial: A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial of Personalized, Genetic-Based Lifestyle Advice. Justine completed her […]

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HEAL Alumni Profile: Emily Van Kesteren

Emily Van Kesteren from the Middlesex London Health Unit shares her graduate experience, and research with the HEAL. Emily completed her MA in Geography with Dr. Jason Gilliland at the HEAL in 2012. During her studies with the HEAL, Emily identified the influence of parents’ and children’s perceptions of their built and social environments on children’s mode of travel to and from school. Given the HEAL’s focus on community health and multiple collaborative projects with local public health […]

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Experienced practitioners joining HEAL means many new benefits for students, trainees, and community collaborators

Two practitioners have recently joined the Human Environments Analysis Lab as Senior Research Associates. We are very excited to have Paul van der Werf, PhD and John Fleming, MCIP, RPP join the lab, and share their experience and knowledge from decades of working in environmental consulting and urban planning. Paul is a graduate of the University […]

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