A Geospatial Approach to Understanding Inequalities in Accessibility to Primary Care Among Vulnerable Populations

Despite Canada being known for providing a “universal health care system”, Canadians across the country are experiencing unequal access to primary care services. Vulnerable populations such as those with low income status, seniors, single parents, linguistic minorities, etc, are often exposed to health inequalities as our population ages, income inequality increases, immigration patterns change, and […]

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Healthy Communities and Planning for the Public Realm

Loretta Ryan from the Ontario Professional Planners Institute presents ‘Healthy Communities and Planning for the Public Realm’ at CHEWS. The Children’s Health and the Environment Workshop & Symposium (CHEWS) was held at Western University with the support of The Lawson Foundation.

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‘I like the “outernet” stuff:’ girls’ perspectives on physical activity and their environments

As observed globally in many other aspects of daily life, the gender gap is very much present in physical activity, with males engaging in higher levels of physical activity on average than females. This study takes a material feminist approach to explore girls’ perspectives on the features of their everyday environments that support or inhibit […]

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