Supporting Physical Activity in Childcare Environments

Dr. Trish Tucker from Western University presents ‘Supporting Physical Activity in Childcare Environments’ at CHEWS. The Children’s Health and the Environment Workshop & Symposium (CHEWS) was held at Western University with the support of The Lawson Foundation.

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Influence of the Natural and Built Environment on Personal Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in Cyclists Using City Designated Bicycle Routes

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular commuting choice for North Americans due to the health benefits that cycling offers. Despite these health benefits, urban cyclists are often exposed to traffic-related air pollution, including particulate matter (PM2.5), which may be compromising their health, as PM2.5 can penetrate deep into the lungs and promote or exacerbate respiratory […]

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HEALYAC Meeting 5

To increase collaboration within our council, HEALYAC members began testing out the functionality of “Slack,” an online communication method, to ensure all members are notified when updates are sent out. The discussion of “Three Identical Strangers” from meeting 4 was continued with more detail. The YAC learned about the significance of proper ethical procedures when […]

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