HEAL Alumni Profile: Bridget Irwin

Bridget Irwin from at ICES North / Health Sciences North Research Institute shares her graduate experience and research from the HEAL. Bridget completed her MSc in Epidemiology and Biostatistics with Dr. Jason Gilliland and Dr. Mark Speechley at the HEAL in 2018. During her studies with the HEAL, Bridget evaluated the impact of the Healthy […]

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ACT-i-Pass May Newsletter

Hello ACT-i-Pass Participants, It has been a while! We hope everyone has been doing well during these difficult times. Although many of us are not leaving our homes right now, it is still important to get our 60 minutes of daily physical activity. We know it can be difficult to get physical activity with gyms […]

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HEAL Faculty Associate Profile: Dr. Jamie Seabrook

Dr. Jamie Seabrook from Brescia University College shares his experience as an Assistant Professor, and role as a current HEAL Faculty Associate. Dr. Jamie Seabrook became a Faculty Associate with the HEAL in 2014. Dr. Seabrook assists the HEAL with projects that involve the social determinants of child health as well as sample size calculations, […]

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