Angela Piaskoski and Alexander Wray Successfully Defend their MSc Theses

The HEAL would like to congratulate Angela Piaskoski and Alexander Wray who successfully defended their theses under the supervision of Dr. Jason Gilliland in 2020. Experiencing rural household food insecurity: A broad examination and regional example  Angela Piaskoski successfully defended her MSc thesis titled Experiencing rural household food insecurity: A broad examination and regional example. Angela completed her MSc in Geography under the supervision […]

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HEAL Faculty Associate Dr. Christina Ergler discovers toddlers are intuitive city planners, whose voices should be heard by all

According to the United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child and the UNICEF child-friendly city initiative, children of any age or ability have the right to meaningful participate in the creation, transformation, and development of their urban environments. However, their voices, especially those of younger children, are largely disregarded in city design. HEAL […]

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HEAL Alumni Profile: Dr. Janet Loebach

Dr. Janet Loebach from Cornell University shares her work, research, and graduate experience with the HEAL. Janet completed her PhD in Geography with Dr. Jason Gilliland at the HEAL in 2013. Janet joined the HEAL as a Project Manager in 2007, where she focused on children’s perception and use of their everyday environments, and the […]

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