New Publication: Is phase angle an appropriate indicator of malnutrition in different disease states? A systematic review

Malnutrition is a common concern in both chronic and acute disease with many potential negative consequences. It is therefore crucial for clinicians to have accurate methods for nutrition assessment.  Subjective Global Assessment (SGA) is the gold standard nutritional assessment method – it classifies malnutrition severity via a bedside assessment combining dietary, weight, functional, gastrointestinal and disease history with a physical […]

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HEAL receives Award for the American Journal of Health Promotion Dorothy Nyswander Paper of the Year 2018

Congratulations to the HEAL for winning the Dorothy Nyswander 2018 Paper of the Year Award from the American Journal of Health Promotion for “Examining How Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status, Geographic Accessibility, and Informational Accessibility Influence the Uptake of a Free Population-Level Physical Activity Intervention for Children” “The goal of the Journal’s Paper of the Year Award […]

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New Publication: A Systematic Review of Genetic Testing and Lifestyle Behaviour Change

Nutrigenomics is the branch of science that studies the relationship between genomes and nutrition and health ie. how genes interact with food, beverages and supplements consumed to influence health outcomes. Genetic tests are thought to potentially provide information on disease risks, which can be relieved through alterations in your lifestyle habits and behaviours. This systematic […]

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