Human Environments Avalysis Laboratory


HEAL Team Helping to Create a Level Playing Field

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

“Small lifestyle changes, such as increasing physical activity, go a long way in cancer prevention. Yet many Canadian children are still not getting the recommended amount of exercise.”  This is the message of a recent Canadian Cancer Society article called “Creating a level playing field”.  The article focuses on Canadian Cancer Society-funded research by Dr Jason Gilliland(Professor of Geography at Western) and his team in the Human Environments Analysis Lab, who are evaluating the effectiveness of the free ‘Act-i-Pass’ program for improving children’s access to recreational programs and facilities, and their participation in physical activity. The Act-i-Pass program was developed by London’s Child & Youth Network and includes numerous partners, such as the YMCA of Western Ontario, the Boys & Girls Club of London, and Western University’s HEALab.  See article: “Creating a level playing field”.