Human Environments Avalysis Laboratory


Middlesex is up for the challenge with the HEAL team!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

On Saturday afternoon, Dr. Danielle Tobin, Dr. Andrew Clark, Brenton Button, Katherine Wilson, Catherine Dubreck, and Kate Schieman from the HEAL team, celebrated the kick off of Middlesex County's Healthy Kids Community Challenge at the Komoka Wellness and Recreation Complex hosted by Middlesex Centre. During the event, our team worked with parents and children to find out the activities they liked to do, places they like to visit, and what they see as the strengths and weaknesses in their community. We also had some fun playing Just Dance with the kids while the parents were helping us out. This event is the first of many community consultations our team will be conducting with residents throughout Middlesex County. 

Check out the following video and pictures to see what happened throughout the day!