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HEAL Candidate Paul van der Werf leads trade mission to Netherlands

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Heal PhD candidate, Paul van der Werf, recently travelled to the Netherlands to lead a trade mission to look at cutting edge ways of dealing with food waste. While there he also had the opportunity to travel to Wageningen University to meet with food waste scholars Ir. Toine Timmermans, Dr. Erica van Herpen and Daphne Roodhuyzen. The key take away was that their challenges confronting food waste are not much different than those in Canada and include finding ways to better manage food waste, understanding how people make a decision to discard food and then developing successful interventions. The blog "My most excellent field trip” highlights the visit with these scholars. Other blogs at and tweets @allfoodisfood highlight ideas on how to quantify and reduce the wasting of food.