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Dr Jason Gilliland - Recipient of ESRI Canada's Award of Excellence in GIS

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ESRI Canada presented an Award of Excellence to Dr. Jason Gilliland, a professor at Western University and a scientist for the Children's Health Research Institute, for his outstanding application of geographic information system (GIS) technology to help improve children's health in Southwestern Ontario. Dr. Gilliland led a multidisciplinary team in a research study of environmental factors affecting children's health in the region. The results have been compiled into “Opportunities for Healthy Living in Southwestern Ontario: A Focus on Children's Environments, First Edition,” a 400+-page atlas that will be used by local planners and public health agencies to improve children's health and well-being. The project was commissioned by the Children's Health Research Institute and funded by the Green Shield Canada Foundation and the Children's Health Foundation.