Human Environments Avalysis Laboratory


HEAL Researchers Highlight Community Collaborative Work at ESRI Canada User Conference

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HEAL was well represented this week at the ESRI Canada User Conference in London, Ontario.  'HEAL in the Community' was an afternoon session that highlighted the collaborative work the lab is engaged in with local planners, municipal policy makers, and health professionals.  

Doug Rivet (HEAL Research Associate, PhD Candidate) presented Healthy City Active London a report completed with the London Middlesex Health Unit that identified active transportation infrastructure in the City of London

Don Lafreniere (HEAL Research Associate, PhD Candidate) presented Utilizing Historical GIS for Heritage Planning.  The presentation introduced how theImag(in)ing London is being used as a pedagogical tool for Western's MA in Public History Program as well as for heritage planning initiatives with the City of London's Advisory Council on Heritage.

Michael Clark (HEAL Research Associate, MA Candidate) presented Economic Impact of the Western Fair Farmer's Market.  The presentation outlined the recently accepted publication by Richard Sadler (HEAL Research Associate, PhD Candidate), Michael Clark, and Dr. Jason Gilliland entitled "An economic impact comparative analysis of farmers' markets in Michigan and Ontario" Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.  The study compared the local economic impact of the Western Fair Farmer's Market and Artisan's Market in London's Old East Village and the Flint Farmers' Market in Michigan.

Steve Fitzpatrick (HEAL Research Associate, MA Candidate) presented 'Through the eyes of a child'- Children's Behavioural Mapping which reviewed HEAL's annual participation in Geography Awareness week activities with local elementary schools.  The presentation outlined how HEAL works with students in  grades 5 & 6 through behavioural mapping activities alongside local planners, engineers, and community members in order to better understand their home and school environments.

Lucie Richard (HEAL Research Associate, MA Candidate) presented an overview of HEAL's Spatial Temporal Environment and Activity Monitoring Project(STEAM).   The presentation highlighted the collaborative work with London's four school boards to investigate how the built environment is actually experienced by children throughout their daily lives.