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HEAL's Jason Gilliland measures progress in London's Old East Village

Monday, September 23, 2013

A group of professional urban planners made a PACT with Old East London. Ten years ago, they helped draft a blueprint to revive and rejuvenate the decaying neighbourhood. The Ontario Professional Planners Institute put together a Planners Action Team and were back in London 10 years after they completed their report, to gauge the progress and look at next steps. Jason Gilliland, head of the urban development program, reports “this area is no longer a food desert. Western Fair Farmers' Market has lowered food costs and created spinoff businesses.” "Sometimes it's hard to take the first step but when they see the butcher, the baker and the cheese shop are successful coming out of the market, it's only a matter time before the empty storefronts fill up. The area is becoming a food district." London Free Press