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May 30 Dr Gilliland Interviewed for CTV News about Growing Food District

Friday, May 30, 2014

Dr Gilliland was featured in a story on CTV news about how the Old East Village neighbourhood in London, Ontario is becoming a destination for local foodies, with over a dozen new food retailers opening in recent years.  Dr Gilliland has been a board member and advisor to the Old East Village Business Improvement Area for over 10 years.  About 10 years ago, Dr Gilliland began researching the subject of urban “food deserts”, or socio-economically disadvantaged areas of a city or region where people do not have easy access to healthy and affordable food.  In 2008, Dr Gilliland and student Kristian Larsen published an article identifying the Old East Village as a food desert; in 2010 they published a follow up study which showed how the introduction of a farmers’ market into the neighbourhood resulted in it no longer being a food desert; and in 2013, Dr Gilliland and students Michael Clark and Richard Sadler co-authored another article which showed the local economic impact of the farmers’ market.  The farmers’ market has acted as a food business incubator, with several businesses (e.g., a butcher, baker, cheese shop and several restaurants) opening up new locations on the Dundas Street corridor near the farmers’ market.