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Spotlight: The SmartAPP Stands Out

Monday, November 17, 2014

The SmartAPPetite initiative was recently the focus of an article by food writer Bryan Lavery in eatdrink, a local food and drink magazine serving Southwestern Ontario. On November 21, the SmartAPPetite team will launch a novel smartphone app and website that will make it easier for people to find, prepare and eat healthy, local food. The project has a dual purpose: to help people make smarter dietary decisions, and to help strengthen local economies. This collaborative project is being led by Dr Jason Gilliland from the Human Environments Analysis Lab in the Department of Geography at Western University, and his team from the HEALab includes project manager Malgorzata Milczarek, postdocs Dr Richard Sadler and Dr Andrew Clark, and MA students Michael Clark and Mark McGregor. Co-investigators on the interdisciplinary team include Dr Sean Doherty from Geography and Environmental Studies at Wilfrid Laurier, Dr Colleen O’Connor from Food and Nutritional Sciences at Brescia University College, and community collaborator David Corke from the London Training Centre. Eatdrink #50 November/December 2014