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Addressing Food Security both Locally and on a National Scale

Friday, March 27, 2015

Dr. Jason Gilliland, Western Geography and Director of the Urban Development Program, contributed insights into the issue of food security in Canada, and London, Ontario specifically, as he addressed the media at the London Food Bank’s annual spring food drive kickoff.  Jason first commented [STORY 1] on a recent report by Statistics Canada concerning food affordability and security in Canada, with Statistics Canada reporting that food insecurity rates held stable in Canada from 2007-12, the latest period for which numbers are available, affecting over 1 million households, or 5% of children and 8% of adults.  Jason also spoke to CBC, CTV and other media [STORY 2][STORY 3][STORY 4][STORY 5][STORY 6] about food insecurity and poverty in London, and potential solutions.  Along with Glen Pearson, Co-Director of London's Food Bank, he called for changes to the food distribution system in London, but only based on research underway or about to get underway by several city agencies.