You may register your child for the program at any time between May 2019 and April 30, 2020!

You may register your child for the program at any time between May 2019 and April 30, 2020!

You may register your child for the program at any time between May 2019 and April 30, 2020!

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What is ACT-i-Pass? London's Child & Youth Network (CYN), with their partners from the YMCA of London, Boys & Girls Club of London, City of London Parks & Recreation, & Spectrum Programs, is happy to offer the ACT-i-Pass to Grade 5 students in the City of London for the entire school year. By using the pass, Grade 5 students (plus 1) will have FREE access to indoor sports, skating, swimming, rounds of golf and other activities. The Grade 5 cohort has been chosen as research shows that physical activity begins to decrease in children as early as the age of 9 years. If grade 5 students will be given a chance at better health, longer lives, less illness, reduced screen time, and more play!

How can I register my child?  To register your child for the 2019-2020 ACT-i-Pass program, your child must be entering Grade 5 in September of 2019. You can register them online by clicking here or by completing the hard copy of the registration form sent home by your children’s school in the spring of their grade 4 school year. To download a copy of the registration form click here. You can register your child for the program at any time between May 2019 and May 2020.

What is the Purpose? The purpose of the program is to increase a child's ability to participate in physical activity, which can improve health, lengthen life, decrease illness, reduce screen time, and increase play in their lives! This project has been endorsed by, and has passed the ethical standards of, Western University and all school boards in London.

Why Evaluate the Program? Our team is studying the effectiveness of the Child & Youth Network's Grade 5 ACT-i-Pass Program, to evaluate its effectiveness for improving children's access to public recreation facilities and programs, and increasing their participation in physical activities. Parents are asked to complete the demographic questions on the registration form. The survey asks questions about your household and child, and takes about 5 minutes to complete. Participation in this study is completely voluntary and is not required to receive the ACT-i-Pass. For more information click here.

Do you have any other questions? If you have any other questions about ACT-i-Pass, check out our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.

For information on how to continue accessing the programs offered once your child's ACT-i-Pass program ends: Click here.

Promotional Video For Parents, Principals, & Teachers

City of London
For your child (plus one) to use the ACT-i-Pass for free swimming or skating, simply show your pass at the front desk where they will record your pass number. For any questions, contact City of London at (519) 661-5575. For your child (plus one) to use the ACT-i-Pass for one free round of golf, contact Hickory 9 at Thames Valley Golf Course at (519) 661-4441 to book a tee time.
City of London Recreation (Formally Spectrum)
The free programs your child can register for are found on the ACT-i-Pass schedule included in this package. Please note that the City of London recreation programs cannot accommodate a friend or/and sibling due to space limitations. These programs change seasonally, and updated schedules can be found at Program availability is dependent on registration numbers. The recreation programs are only free for ACT-i-Pass card holders. You must register your ACT-i-Pass card before registering. To register your card and sign-up for a program, please contact City of London Recreation at (519) 661-5575.
Boys & Girls Club of London
For your child (plus one) to use the ACT-i-Pass for drop-in programming, please complete the attached registration form and submit it to the front desk on your first visit. If your child brings a guest, they will also be expected to submit a signed registration form (available from the Boys & Girls Club). For any questions about the drop-in programs and information about accessing free transportation, contact the Boys & Girls Club of London at (519) 434-9114. Please note that your child is not allowed to use the free transportation until they have submitted the signed registration form at the Boys & Girls Club. For more information about the Boys & Girls Club, check out their website
(All 4 locations)
YMCA of London
For your child (plus one) to use the ACT-i-Pass drop-in programing at any of the London YMCA branches (see below), please complete the attached registration form and submit it at the front desk on your first visit. If your child brings a guest, they will be issued a guest pass for the day. You only need to register at one location for your pass to be valid at the three YMCA locations. For any questions about the drop-in programs, contact any of the following London branches: 1. Centre Branch: Website: | Phone: 519-667-3300 2. Bob Hayward: Website: | Phone: 519-457-2395 3. Stoney Creek: Website: | Phone: 519-667-4400 4. Bostwick: Website: | Phone: 519-907-3300
London Children’s Museum
When arriving at the Children's Museum, please present your card at the front desk. Adult supervision is required at all times. For more information or questions about the Children's Museum, visit or call (519) 434-5726
SARI Therapeutic Riding
SARI requires registration at least 2 weeks in advance. Priority will be given to ACT-i-Pass users with diagnosed disabilities. If the two available spots are still open two weeks prior to each event, students without a disability will be considered. Assessment required for children with a diagnosed disability. For more information, visit or contact their office at (519) 666-1123 or SARI is located at 12659 Medway Road, R.R.#1 Arva, ON N0M 1C0.
Palasad South
ACT-i-Pass users are welcome to go to Palasad South and enjoy free bowling from September to June. Located at 141 Pine Valley Boulevard. Visit: for more information
Junction Climbing Centre
On Fridays from 4:00-10:30pm from April 12th – June 28th, children can use their ACT-i-Pass for free admission, harness, and shoes. Regular admission/rental prices apply to anyone else wanting to climb. Anyone coming into the facility needs to have a waiver, regardless of whether or not they are climbing. Anyone under 18 years old needs to have a waiver signed by their parent or court-appointed guardian. All children 12 and under need to be actively supervised by an adult 16 years or older. For more information or questions please visit or call (519) 438-1717


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ACT-i-Pass Newsletter: April 2019

ACT-i-Pass Newsletter: April 2019

Dear ACT-i-Pass Participants, It’s finally April, and you know that means – it’s almost time to switch over to the Spring ACT-i-Pass schedule! Starting April 8th, the new Spring schedule will be in place. The new schedule features two SARI Therapeutic Riding and Hickory 9 Hole Golf! Little Britches Farm Discovery is a fun-filled inclusive program offered by SARI Therapeutic Riding participants enjoy crafts, games, songs and a pony ride. SARI reserves 2 of 9 spots in this action-packed program for ACT-i-Pass holders, with priority given to those with a disability. For more information, contact SARI Therapeutic Riding at 519-666-1123. Looking to bring out your child’s inner pro golfer skills? Head over to Hickory 9 Hole Golf for a day on the course. ACT-i-Pass users get free entry on one occasion with a friend or family member! Don’t forget that ACT-i-Pass users will still have access to many of the same activities as they did in the Winter, including programming offered by the City of London: Recreation, swimming provided by the the City of London at all city facilities, drop-in programs at all four YMCA branches (Centre Branch, Stoney Creek, Bob Hayward, Bostwick) and at the Boys and Girls Club,…

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ACT-i-Pass Newsletter: March 2019

ACT-i-Pass Newsletter: March 2019

Dear ACT-i-Pass Participants, Can you believe it’s already March?! With only just over a month left of the Winter 2019 ACT-i-Pass programming, make sure to go out and enjoy as many Winter festivities as you can! Head over to any skating facility in the City of London from now through to the end of March to get a few more FREE family skating sessions in before the Spring. Visit the City of London website for facility locations and hours of operation. Looking to escape the Winter chills instead? The City of London offers FREE recreational swimming at city facilities, even throughout the Winter! Click here for more info! Or, for a special weekday treat, head over to Palasad South for FREE bowling, Monday-Thursday from 4:30-7:30 PM. For a variety of indoor activities, ranging from cheerleading, to martial arts, to dance, and more, check out daily programming offered by SPECTRUM. Don’t forget to preregister for SPECTRUM programs by phone at 519-661-5575 or in-person before attending! Looking ahead, keep in mind that the ACT-i-Pass Schedule will be changing to Spring programming on April 8th. Keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming partnerships with local businesses offering exciting activities in the near future (did…

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ACT-i-Pass Resources:

  • Introduction Letter & Registration | ENGLISH | FRENCH
  • How to Use the ACT-i-Pass | ENGLISH | FRENCH
  • Service Provider Information: To view information on the different service programs and how to register for their programs click here.
Western News
Community program offers fun, eyes sustainable benefits
Be it golf, swimming, skating, basketball, soccer or dance, London’s Child and Youth Network wants children to get active – and they’re willing pay for it. ACT-i-Pass, offered to all Grade 5 students in London, allows for free access to indoor and outdoor sporting activities throughout the city for the entire school year. “It’s all about promoting health and wellness,” said Jason Gilliland, director of Western’s Human Environments Analysis Laboratory. “Only about 5 per cent of kids are physically active enough for optimal growth and development. We know this is linked to problems like obesity. Studies have shown kids who are more physically active are less at risk for cardiovascular illnesses. There’s also a correlation with better school achievement, mental health and overall wellness – a whole host of benefits.”
CTV News
In Motion Community Challenge
The In Motion Physical Activity Community Challenge, promoting healthy and active living in the London area, is hoping to encourage people to get a little more physical. The idea of the second annual campaign is to add 15 minutes of physical activity do your day - every day - for the month of October. Anyone who wants to get involved in the challenge can track their progress online or by downloading the iPhone app.
Western Revealed
Western Revealed (RogersTV) takes a look at a collaboration between Western, the City of London, the YMCA & the Boys & Girls Club to get grade 5 students active in the city.
Province boost plan to get London kids more active
Everyone agrees that children benefit greatly from being physically active, but costs sometimes associated with organized activities are often one of the barriers some families face. With that in mind — along with $80,066 in provincial funding — the Boys & Girls Club of London, the London Child and Youth Network and the YMCA will continue to offer programs such as swimming, soccer, floor hockey and golf at no cost to every Grade 5 student in the Forest City.

Western University Evaluation
Dr. Andrew Clark & Dr. Jason Gilliland;; 519-661-2111 x82619
CYN-HEHPA Project Manager
Dr. Danielle Tobin;; 519-661-2500 x2313

Thank you for the generous support of the ACT-i-Pass funders: