Vaping & Youth

The HEAL is working alongside their youth council (HEALYAC) to better understand the impacts of vaping on young people's health. The HEALYAC independently identified vaping as a health concern, which has been the motivation for the HEAL's vaping research that is currently underway. Over the past two years, the HEALYAC developed a position statement on vaping, and have directly shared their perspectives and expertise with city council members, school boards, public health units, and the Ontario Minister of Health.

Position Statement (2019)

Vaping Advocacy Timeline (2018-present)

QuaranTEENing: Understanding the impacts of physical distancing on the health and habits of Teens

The COVID-19 pandemic and physical distancing measures present a unique and urgent opportunity to improve our understanding of how different environments impact the wellbeing and health-related habits of teens.

We have developed a teen-informed online survey to determine how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the health, health-related habits, and vaping habits of Canadian teens ages 13 to 19 years. The survey was developed in consultation with the HEAL Youth Advisory Council (HEALYAC) and includes an extended set of questions on vaping behaviours as this was identified as a key health concern among youth.

The evidence we gather from this study will be useful for health professionals and agencies, and local school boards to generate appropriate policy recommendations and health promotion campaigns.

Goals of QuaranTEENing

  1.  To determine how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the health and health-related habits of teens ages 13 to 19 years;

  2. To determine how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the vaping habits (e.g., frequency of use, access) of teens ages 13 to 19 years. 

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For more information about our Youth Vaping Project, contact us at; 519-661-2111 x82619