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Leanne McIntosh

MA Candidate, Research Associate

Leanne is interested in children's geography and how the urban development of cities influences children's health. More specifically, Leanne wishes to investigate children's use and time spent in natural areas (ex. parks, green space and forests) and how that effects their sleep patterns. Leanne completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts at McMaster University studying Geography and Environmental Sciences. During her undergrad she had a main interest in "Smart Growth" initiatives, which led her to complete an undergrad thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Walter Peace, exploring the 'Potential for Success of the Places to Grow Act of Ontario, for the City of Hamilton'.

Educational Background

  • Honours BA, Geography, McMaster University (2012)


  • Children's Geography
  • Children's Health & Wellness (Sleep Patterns)
  • Green Space & Parks (Nature)
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Urban Planning