Congratulations Lindsey Soon – Recipient of This Year’s Emily Ruston Mann Memorial Graduate Scholarship

The HEAL Lab is excited to share that , a Masters of Planning student within the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo and graduate research assistant at the HEAL, was named named the recipient...

New Study Explores the Evaluation of a Population Health Strategy to Reduce Distracted Driving: Examining All “Es” of Injury Prevention

A team of researchers consisting of Tanya Charyk Stewart, Jane Edwards, Alyssa Penny, Jason Gilliland, Andrew Clark, Tania Haidar, Brandon Batey, Amanda Pfeffer, Douglas D. Fraser, Neil H. Merritt, and...

The HEAL Participates in This Year’s Growing Your Workforce Conference

The HEAL participated in this year’s Growing Your Workforce Conference to present the preliminary results of the Food Retail Environment Study for Health and Economic Resiliency (FRESHER). The conference...

Mariam Ismail Successfully Defends her PhD Thesis

The HEAL would like to congratulate Mariam Ismail who successfully defended her thesis under the supervision of Dr. Jason Gilliland and Dr. Danielle Battram in 2020.Mariam Ismail successfully defended...

New HEAL Study Explores the Process Evaluation of Fruit and Vegetables Distribution Interventions in School-Based Settings: A Systematic Review

A team of researchers led by with and published a study entitled: “Process Evaluation of Fruit and Vegetables Distribution Interventions in School-Based Settings: A Systematic Review.”Despite the importance...

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The Human Environments Analysis Laboratory is a state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary research and training environment based at Western University which specializes in the production, evaluation, synthesis, dissemination and mobilization of evidence to support effective policies, programs and professional practice aimed at creating healthy and vibrant communities.

HEAL faculty and students come from various academic disciplines, including geography, sociology, urban planning, engineering, landscape architecture, health sciences, epidemiology & biostatistics, neurosciences, paediatrics, and food and nutritional sciences.

We specialize in applications of geographic information science (GIS) for addressing critical planning and public health issues. We also specialize in community-based research and strive to build authentic and mutually-beneficial partnerships with local community organizations, especially non-profits and charities.

Our Mission 

The HEAL develops and connects highly-skilled researchers to create, disseminate, and mobilize knowledge for making healthy, thriving communities.

How Neighbourhood Food Environments and a Pay-as-You-Throw (PAYT) Waste Program Impact Household Food Waste Disposal in the City of Toronto

van der Werf, P., Larsen, K., Seabrook, J.A., & Gilliland, J.

Examining Factors of Accelerometer‐Measured Sedentary Time in a Sample of Rural Canadian Children

Button, B, Martin, G, Clark, A, Graat, M, Gilliland, J.

Measuring temporal differences in rural Canadian children’s moderate to vigorous physical activity

Button, B.L.G, Clark, A.F., Martin, G., Graat, M., & Gilliland, J.A.