HEAL Researchers Collaborating To Improve Rural Food Security

HEAL Team members Dr Jason Gilliland and MSc student Angela Piaskoski were at the Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre (HCFBDC) in Centralia, Ontario today to participate in an Open House and public recognition event to report on the findings from a community-based research project which was funded through a SEED grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  The goal of the project was to learn how people are meeting their food needs, and learn about the gaps in our response to food insecurity in rural Huron County.  By locating and mapping food sources, revealing the roles played by food banks and aid agencies in meeting food needs, and tracking the distribution system, the cross-sector team involving HEAL researchers and community collaborators from the HCFBDC and Huron County Health Unit attempted to learn how the current distribution system can be enhanced to better meet the needs of people experiencing food insecurity.

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