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Rethinking Risk: The importance of outdoor risky play for children’s health

How does the built environment relate to preventing cancer? A multidisciplinary scoping review

Globally, the increasing rate of preventable cancers suggests a need to understand how features of the built environment shape exposures to and distributions of cancer risk among various populations. In 2015, cancer was the second most common cause of death globally, with more than 8.5 million attributable fatalities. Estimates would place 45-85% of these cancers […]

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July Newsletter: Welcome to the ACT-i-Pass!

Dear ACT-i-Pass Participants, Thank you for signing up for your children for the ACT-i-Pass Program and for receiving the ACT-i-Pass Monthly Newsletter. This monthly letter will provide you with information and reminders about programs, service providers, and updates about the ACT-i-Pass program throughout the year. Our team will be doing our best to provide information that will allow […]

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