HEALYAC 2019-2020: Meeting 2

       Emma Ostermeier, a master’s student from the HEAL, introduced the YAC to ACT-i-Pass, one of the programs that the lab is currently implementing. This research aims to understand the connection between free access to exercise facilities and the physical activity levels of grade 5 students. The HEALYAC was asked to share their opinions on how their current advertising campaign promoting ACT-i-Pass can be improved.

         Afterwards, the staff led the YAC through a brainstorming activity related to the lab’s Vaping Awareness Campaign. Discussions revealed the extent of vaping in schools and their concerns around the rising rates of vaping among their peers. The YAC then reviewed the best practices for health promotion campaigns and analyzed posters to identify what improvements could be made to ensure they resonate with youth. 

         To conclude, the YAC was invited to a conference that the MINDS of London- Middlesex was conducting. They were also informed of a research ethics workshop which they would be participating in at the next meeting.

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