HEAL Collaboration Awarded Grant to for work on Road Safety and Children

In February 2020, a multi-disciplinary team led by Dr Jason Gilliland and Dr. Doug Fraser (Dept of Paediatrics) was awarded funding from the Translational Research Grant Fund (TRGF) competition for a 2-year project titled “Vision Zero: Comprehensive Review of Data to Support London’s Commitment to Eliminate Severe Injury Crashes and Fatalities in Children and Adolescents”.  The TRGF program is designed to foster partnerships between the clinicians of Western’s Department of Paediatrics and the Scientists of the Children’s Health Research Institute.  In this project, the team is examining key environmental features of high frequency or ‘hotspot’ crash locations and how they are contributing to crashes involving children and adolescents treated at Children’s Hospital at LHSC. An aim of this critical analysis is to provide recommendations for the reinvention of the system-wide design of the roadways and built environment practices, programs, polices and laws to decrease the severity of collisions and ultimately prevent serious injury and death on our roads. Stay tuned for project updates!

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