HEALYAC 2019-2020: Meeting 13

The major focus of Meeting 13 was to design and review materials for the new research project that the HEALYAC is part of. The members discussed possible names for the project. The council members reached a consensus on the project title: QuaranTEENing: Understanding the impacts of physical distancing on the health and habits of Teens. 

         Moreover, the staff co-facilitators presented the newly written survey to the YAC. Feedback and comments were shared to improve the survey. In addition, incentives for the survey were also discussed. To learn more about the study, check out QuaranTEENing

         The HEALYAC also had Dr. Jason Gilliland, the Director of the Human’s Environment Analysis Laboratory (HEALab), as a guest to discuss recruitment techniques that could be used to disseminate the survey to youth living in Canada.

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