HEALYAC 2019-2020: Meeting 14

         In this meeting, the council discussed plans for the upcoming term (2020-2021) for the HEALYAC. At a past meeting, the council decided to continue its bi-weekly meetings throughout the summer to further work on the QuaranTEENing project. The council term usually ends at this time of year (June), but given COVID-19 and the council’s vaping work ramping up, the members were eager to stay on for the summer and continue their work. For a few members, this was their last meeting of the term, however most members decided to stay on for an extended term. The finalized plan for survey dissemination through social media platforms was discussed.

         In order to celebrate the successful 2019-2020 year, the YAC had some fun playing games online! Lastly, the staff co-facilitators gave a quick overview of the paid co-researcher position that the HEAL was offering to the YAC. Indeed, being a part of the HEALYAC offers immense opportunities and experiences, especially in the area of research! Find out how you can be part of the HEALYAC or volunteer at the lab by visiting our page on the HEAL’s website.

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