HEALYAC 2019-2020: Meeting 15

         The first official meeting of the extended season started today. A rundown of the meeting times, the online format, and membership was briefly discussed. The staff co-facilitators asked for feedback on how friends and family of the YAC had reacted to the quaranteening survey. A total of 700 responses have been recorded, the HEALYAC is excited about how the study will go on!

         Afterwards, Janak Kumar and Zoe Askwith, two graduate trainees from the lab, presented a draft vaping policy coding tool to the YAC. The YAC discussed key school board, and health unit level factors that may influence vaping among teens.  Next, the HEALYAC announced the new co-facilitators for the upcoming year, Barghav Kandlakuti and Gabriela Guisandes Bueno. Additionally, the management team added two new positions: University Representatives (“uni reps”), which Ricardo Soto and Laila Girum filled. The YAC also made amendments to its Terms of Reference (TOR) document with the help of the staff co-facilitators.

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