HEALYAC 2019-2020: Meeting 16

         For the HEALYAC 17th meeting, the council was informed of the status of the QuaranTEENing project and the continual dissemination of the survey across different social media platforms. Follow us in our social media: on Instagram @heal.yac and on Facebook at The HEAL Youth Advisory Council.

        Afterwards, the council discussed the development of an important statement regarding the YAC’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The council brainstormed the key messages, actions, and resources they wanted to include in their statement. To see our finalized statement, stay tuned for updates in future meetings. 

        Afterwards, the Teens Talk Vaping project focus group guides were reviewed. Being part of the YAC gives you the opportunity to be trained through workshops for focus groups. For the next meeting, the members discuss the next steps around the planning and development of study materials.

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