2020 – 2021 Meeting Minutes Summary 2

To start, the YAC had a fun icebreaker asking each other difficult but fun “would you rather” questions. Next, updates from the Teens Talk Vaping Study (TTV) were discussed to the council by the Youth Co-Facilitators. A HEAL researcher, Nick Woods, presented his research on the effects of skipping breakfast on the overall health and nutrition of young people.

Afterwards, the council members were grouped together to discuss some of the important issues affecting youth. Since the pandemic has altered lives all over the world, this issue was the focus of our conversation. Mental, physical, and emotional effects were discussed as well as some of the possible solutions to address these impacts. The youth shared ideas on how they, as a council, can provide some ways to study or mitigate these issues.

Lastly, the youth were introduced to the terms of reference that the council has made and platforms for communication were set up.

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