TTV Blog 4 – Emotionally Nuanced Questions by Purushoth Megarajah

By: Purushoth Megarajah

Qualitative research training has been incredibly enjoyable so far! I enjoy working with my peers and am grateful for the friendly and collaborative environment that has been fostered throughout our training sessions. This environment not only makes the training more enjoyable but also makes it easier to follow along and retain information learned throughout the meetings. 

As someone with far more experience studying quantitative research methods in science classes, it has been insightful to learn in-depth qualitative research methods, including its similarities and differences in comparison to quantitative research. I have learned about the significance of qualitative research and how it aims to dig below the surface and answer deeper and often more emotionally nuanced questions than quantitative research is able to. This particular detail is really intriguing to me as I have rarely been exposed to research conducted in an emotionally and behaviourally complex manner. As training continues, I’m going to keep this core value of qualitative research in the back of my mind and use it to aid me in how I approach speaking during the mock and eventually, the real focus group calls.

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