TTV Blog 11 – Gaby’s Blog – Focus Group Preparations

Hello again! Im excited to be making an other blog post! There are quite a few things happening at TTV right now, and the most exciting thing by far is the focus groups starting up soon!  

We’ve been training for quite a while now, but time is moving quickly. We’ve covered most of the hard parts so far, like how to direct conversations and ask open ended questions, and now we’re settling down to actually get prepared to run the focus groups. This is super exciting since there’s going to be at least one teen co-researcher running these sessions. I’ve never been on this side of a focus group, and I’m feeling more and more prepared as we approach our dates.  

Despite feeling super excited to start, there’s still a lot of butterflies since this is something new for us, and we’re hoping to do our best. Luckily, our adult researchers are going to be with us for these focus groups, so that already makes me feel more confident that the sessions will go smoothly.  

I hope to write again soon to let you all know how focus groups are going! In the meantime I’ll be continuously looking over our documents and keep practicing. Wish me luck 😀 

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