TTV Blog 12 – Ricardo Soto – On The Way to our Focus Groups!

Hello Everyone!

We within the TTV have been preparing for our focus groups very diligently and finally got the opportunity to have our first ones a few weeks ago on November 26 with my friend and researcher Dr. Steph Coen. While we all participated in several practice runs of the focus group format and felt prepared, we still weren’t exactly sure on how the real deal was going to go but thankfully it went as well as anyone could have hoped for! We would like to thank those who came up to the session with us and shared with us all the great information you did – this will be a huge help towards your future health and knowledge and our research as well. While Steph and I were prepared for us to have to coax some participants into speaking we were lucky to find that our volunteers were more than willing, making our focus group more of a fun conversation than expected. It’s because of opportunities such as these that my time working on the TTV Project has been so enjoyable, there have been so many different phases and types of work done that it is always an interesting and fun experience. So happy to have this opportunity, stay tuned to hear what other Co-Researchers have to say about the experience as others will be participating in their own focus groups soon!

See ya around, Rick

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