HEALYAC 2022-2023: Meeting #1

This week the HEALab held the first official meeting of the HEALYAC 2022-2023!

Staff co-facilitators Holly Schaafsma, Heather Dyce, and Olivia Caruso were joined by youth co-facilitators Waleigh Jia and Natalie Jonnalagadda in welcoming members of the HEALYAC 2022-2023.

During the meeting, members introduced themselves and engaged in an icebreaker activity wherein they were asked to share an item with the group in the form of a ‘show and tell.’ The staff and youth co-facilitators then explained the purpose of the HEALYAC, outlined expectations for engagement and participation, and reviewed the HEALYAC Terms of Reference, which is a living document created by former HEALYAC members. Heather then introduced a ‘Peer-Learning Circle’ activity, a short presentation on a topic of interest that each member will have the opportunity to engage in throughout the year. The staff co-Facilitators each presented an example, introducing themselves and their research interests.

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