HEALYAC 2022-2023: Meeting #2

During the meeting, members engaged in an icebreaker activity wherein they were asked to take turns listing people, places, and things that started with select letters of the alphabet. Youth co-facilitator, Natalie Jonnalagadda, presented their ‘Peer Learning Circle’ activity on youth homelessness in London, Ontario. To help the Planning Team in organizing future meetings, the staff and youth co-facilitators asked members to describe why they chose to join the HEALYAC, what research topics they are passionate about, and what their expectations are for the year. The staff co-facilitators (Holly Schaafsma, Heather Dyce, and Olivia Caruso) then gave a short lesson on how to develop a research topic and create a research question, using their own MSc and PhD theses from the SmartAPPetite project as examples.

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