Catching Up with the 2023/2024 HEALYAC

The HEAL YAC 2023/2024 members have been hard at work this year brainstorming topics that are important to the well-being of youth in London and beyond!  Some topics that have been of interest so far include, well-being resources for youth, food sustainability, the effects of social media use on youth mental well-being, and youth programs and resources needed in a healthy city.
The YAC is working on a position statement that they will present to local government in the spring on the importance of city funding for programs, spaces, and resources that serve youth and promote well-being. They will be consulting with Ward 11 councilor, Skylar Franke, on how to approach government with their position statement at the end of February. Stay tuned for this interesting research!
The most salient topic agreed upon this year was the gap between resources that are currently available for youth’s mental well-being and the types of resources youth want and need to support their well-being journey. The YAC will be submitting an abstract to the Child Health Symposium on this topic and look forward to sharing their research findings and connecting with other researchers and community organizations on this topic
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