HEAL Management Team Profile – Catherine Reining

Complete the FRESHER Consumer Survey for a Chance to Win a $500 Gift Card

Interested in supporting your community’s food retail and hospitality industry? Complete FRESHER’s consumer survey and have a chance to win a $500 gift card! You can access the survey here. The Food Retail Environment Study for Health and Economic Resiliency (FRESHER) is a pilot study of the effects of COVID-19 on restaurants, fast food outlets, grocery […]

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New HEAL Study: Analyzing Differences Between Spatial Exposure Estimation Methods: A Case Study of Outdoor Food and Beverage Advertising in London, Canada

Exposure assessment in the context of mobility-oriented health research often is challenged by the type of spatial measurement technique used to estimate exposures to environmental features. The purpose of this study is to compare smartphone global positioning system (GPS), shortest network path mobility, and buffer-based approaches in estimating exposure to outdoor food and beverage advertising […]

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