TTV Blog 5 – I’ve always wanted to meet and learn from real researchers by Gaby Guisandes

TTV Blog 4 – Emotionally Nuanced Questions by Purushoth Megarajah

By: Purushoth Megarajah Qualitative research training has been incredibly enjoyable so far! I enjoy working with my peers and am grateful for the friendly and collaborative environment that has been fostered throughout our training sessions. This environment not only makes the training more enjoyable but also makes it easier to follow along and retain information […]

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TTV Blog 2 – Online is better for me Laila Girum

Hi! My name is Laila Girum and I’m a first-year student at Brescia University.  So far, being a part of the Teen Talks Vaping Project has been very interesting. I’m learning so much in each meeting. A specific aspect that I’ve enjoyed in training is this new setting doing it online. I’ve honestly found that it makes […]

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