Advancing Intervention to Reduce Risk of Obesity in Children

The Impact of Canadian School Food Programs on Children’s Nutrition and Health: A Systematic Review

Over the past few decades, the quality of children’s diets has declined immensely, giving rise to a variety of health-related consequences. In response to this trend, school food programs have become an increasingly effective method to support nutrition and lifelong healthy eating habits. This systematic review looked at current academic literature pertaining to school nutrition […]

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Exploring the Effect of Perceptions on Children’s Physical Activity in Varying Geographic Contexts: Using a Structural Equation Modelling Approach to Examine a Cross-Sectional Dataset

There is an ongoing trend of low levels of physical activity amongst children in Canada, which is a huge concern for population health. Physical activity is associated with various physical, mental and social health benefits; the type, duration, and intensity of the physical activity plays a large role in this association. There have been suggestions […]

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