Supporting active school travel: A qualitative analysis of implementing a regional safe routes to school program

Active school travel (AST), that is walking and wheeling to/from school, can be a relatively undemanding method for families to increase children’s daily levels of physical activity. To support increased participation in AST, schools and their larger communities have utilized several different interventions and programs. In Canada, the Active and Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) […]

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Does specialist physician supply affect pediatric asthma health outcomes?

Variation in pediatrician and pediatric subspecialist density exists amongst various Canadian provinces as well states in the USA, but does this variability contribute to health outcomes of the pediatric population? The study was led by Dr. Guido Filler and conducted by an interdisciplinary team of researchers, including Dr. Jason Gilliland of the Human Environments Analysis Laboratory […]

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Mental health benefits of interactions with nature in children and teenagers: a systematic review

It is commonly believed that nature has positive impacts on children’s health, including physical, mental, and social dimensions. This paper systematically reviewed how accessibility to, exposure to, and engagement with nature affects the mental health of children and teenagers. The review was conducted by an interdisciplinary team of HEAL researchers, including Suzanne Tillmann (lead author), Dr. Danielle […]

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