Youth Advisory Coalition of Youth Advisory Councils (YAC-YAC)

Youth Advisory Coalition of Youth Advisory Councils (YAC-YAC)

Innovation Works
8th June 2019

The Youth Advisory Coalition of Youth Advisory Councils (YAC-YAC), hosted by the Human Environments Analysis Laboratory Youth Advisory Council (HEAL-YAC) is a conference dedicated to facilitating collaboration among youth from various youth groups in London, Ontario. Groups will have the opportunity to gain and share diverse perspectives, learn how other groups approach and solve youth-related issues, and network with other youth in the London community.

There are two goals for this conference. The first is to highlight the importance of youth perspectives and voices in the community. The second is to provide youth with problem-solving tools and skills, enabling youth to make a change within their community. These goals will be accomplished through engaging and collaborative breakout and activity sessions, such as a ‘meet & greet’ where youth groups can network with one another and share their council’s mission statements and interests. Another is a ‘position statement’ activity, where youth will be divided into groups and work as a team to write position statements about particular issues related to youth. There will also be a ‘rapid debate’ activity where youth will discuss topics that affect them and their community. Throughout the conference, youth will have multiple opportunities to express their diverse perspectives as well as listen to the voices of other youth.

Groups will enter a fun, supportive, and inclusive environment that includes icebreaker activities, giveaways, ‘SWAG Bags’, contests, delicious food from Edgar and Joe’s Cafe, and much more.

The YAC-YAC conference will take place on Saturday, June 8 from 1 – 5 pm located at Innovation Works (201 King St. London, Ontario). The dress code is casual. There are vegetarian and gluten-free options available.