Are you a teen or young adult enrolled in full-time education? Consider participating in our SmartAPPetite Research Study!

The HEAL is currently recruiting teens and young adults to participate in our SmartAPPetite research study. SmartAPPetite is a nutrition and healthy living smartphone app that provides users with scientifically valid information on how to eat healthy, and healthy living in general. The project invites teens and young adults between 13 and 25 years old […]

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New Study: Rethinking walkability and developing a conceptual definition of active living environments to guide research and practice

A team of researchers led by Melissa Tobin with Samantha Hajna, Kassia Orychock, Nancy Ross, Megan DeVries, Paul Villeneuve, Lawrence Frank, Gavin McCormack, Rania Wasfi, Madeline Steinmetz-Wood, Jason Gilliland, Gillian Booth, Meghan Winters, Yan Kestens, Kevin Manaugh, Danial Rainham, Lise Gauvin, Michael Widener, Nazeem Muhajarine, Hui Luan, and Daniel Fuller recently published a study entitled: […]

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New Study Examines Residential Greenness and Substance Use among Youth and Young Adults

A team of researchers led by Evan Wiley with Saverio Stranges, Jason Gilliland, Kelly Anderson, and Jamie Seabrook recently published a study entitled: “Residential greenness and substance use among youth and young adults: Associations with alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana use.” Research has identified positive associations between green space and physical and mental health outcomes. Substance […]

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