Predictors of Drug use During Pregnancy: The relative effects of Socioeconomic, demographic, and mental health risk factors

Alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use during pregnancy are associated with poor neonatal outcomes. Excessive use of these substances are preventable causes of neonatal morbidity and mortality. Various risk factors have been identified as predictors of alcohol and drug use during pregnancy. In this study, Rachel Brown, H. Dakkak, Jason Gilliland, and Jamie A. Seabrook assessed […]

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A Systematic Review of Genetic Testing and Lifestyle Behaviour Change

Nutrigenomics is the branch of science that studies the relationship between genomes and nutrition and health ie. how genes interact with food, beverages and supplements consumed to influence health outcomes. Genetic tests are thought to potentially provide information on disease risks, which can be relieved through alterations in your lifestyle habits and behaviours. This systematic […]

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Conceptualizing Youth Participation in Children’s Health Research: Insights from a Youth-Driven Process for Developing a Youth Advisory Council

The power imbalance that exists between youth and adults lends to a concentration of academic research conducted on youth, and a lack of academic research conducted with and for youth. Despite the awareness among scholars of the benefits that youth bring to research, youth engagement in academic research remains low as it faces conceptual, methodological, […]

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