A New Research Collaboration to Create the Next Generation of Hearing Aids

The Human Environments Analysis Laboratory (HEAL), the National Centre for Audiology, and Unitron, a Kitchener-based hearing aid manufacturer, have come together to research how environmental data can be used to create the next generation of hearing aids. Susan Scollie is an Associate Professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and an investigator at the National Centre for Audiology. Scollie […]

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The quantity of food waste in the garbage stream of southern Ontario, Canada households

Although it is clear that food waste is a prominent problem present globally with both economic and environmental consequences, there is little consensus on the exact amount of worldwide food waste generation as many current estimates are indirect and outdated. Direct measurements of waste streams, through waste composition studies, offer a potential strategy to develop […]

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2017 STEAM Report: Examining Children’s Environments and Health

The bulk of research on children’s health related to obesity, physical activity, and nutrition is completed in large studies. However, the health of kids in rural areas is particularly vulnerable due to geographic isolation. This report presents the overall results of our 2016 Spatial Temporal Environment and Activity Monitoring Study, in three Northwestern Ontario communities. […]

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