Current Projects

Active & Safe Routes to School

A community-based initiative that promotes the use of active transportation to and from school

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The Child & Youth Network's ACT-i-Pass Project

By using the pass, Grade 5 students (plus 1) will have FREE access to indoor sports, skating, swimming, rounds of golf and other activities

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Cycling & Healthy Cities

Focusing on cycling infrastructure and impacts of cycling and e-bikes on public health and sustainability.

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Smart APPetite

A Smartphone ‘APP’ & Interactive Website

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Ontario Student Nutrition Program

Evaluating the impact of a centrally-procured school food program (CPSFP)

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Health Impacts of Air Pollution

Our research on the impacts of air pollution on children's health (including adverse birth-outcomes)

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Children & Nature: a systematic review

The research suggests that access to nature can positively influence children’s physical activity levels.

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Household Food Waste Survey

We developed a calculator that uses actual composition data to measure the household impact of food waste

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The Food System, Health and Economic Development

What drives the movement of food retailers away from urban areas and small towns?

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The Now Trial

Studying the impact of DNA-based dietary advice via personalized nutrigenomics testing (PNT)

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