Ongoing Projects

A community-based initiative that promotes the use of active transportation to and from school

By using the pass, Grade 5 students (plus 1) will have FREE access to indoor sports, skating, swimming, rounds of golf and other activities

Cycling & Healthy Cities

Focusing on cycling infrastructure and impacts of cycling and e-bikes on public health and sustainability.


A Smartphone ‘APP’ & Interactive Website

Our research on the impacts of air pollution on children's health (including adverse birth-outcomes)


The research suggests that access to nature can positively influence children’s physical activity levels.

Research focused on food that becomes waste and understanding the motivations behind people’s food wasting behaviours.

What drives the movement of food retailers away from urban areas and small towns?

Research by-youth-for-youth to better understand young people's firsthand experiences with vaping.

Working with youth to understand the impacts of COVID19 on young people's health and health habits.

A pilot study of the effects of COVID-19 on restaurants, fast food outlets, grocery stores, cafes, bars, pubs, and alcohol retail stores in Ontario.

The development and implementation of a real-time geospatial portal to understand the spread of infectious disease across the city of London and Middlesex county.

Since 2005, HEAL staff and students have been contributing their research and evaluation expertise to local and regional collaborations aimed at making roads safer for people of all ages, especially children.

Understanding how access to, and quality of experiences in, parks affect health and wellbeing of Canadians