Active School Travel Pilot Study

Dr. Jason Gilliland and his research team from Western University invite you and your child to participate in a study aimed at piloting tools that will be used in a 5-year research study. The research study is designed to understand how School Travel Planning impacts active transportation to and from school. The study involves parents and grade 4 to 8 students at participating elementary schools across the counties of Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford, and the cities of London and St. Thomas.

The goal of the pilot study is to ensure that the surveys we have developed are able to consistently and accurately measure your  perceptions around school travel in your neighbourhood and your child(ren)’s travel behaviour.

What will happen in this study?

As the parent/guardian, you will be invited to:
  1.  Complete the School Travel Planning Family Survey two times during a week. The survey asks questions about your children, household, neighbourhood, and your child’s school travel. You will be asked to do this online during a Zoom call with a researcher. This will take 30-45 minutes.
  2. Provide parental consent. You may provide consent for a child in grades 4 to 8 within your household.  

If you agree for your grade 4 to 8 child to participate in our project, your child will be asked to:

  1. Provide Assent. Your child will be asked to review a letter of assent that provides them with information about this project. Upon agreeing to participate, they will be signed up for the project.
  2. Complete the Online School Travel Planning Youth Survey two times during a week. The survey asks questions about your child, their family, and their trips to and from school.

The Zoom call is only used to administer the survey to allow us to ensure you consent to participate and answer any questions you may have while completing the survey. You will be encouraged to keep your camera off, change your name to an alias, and ask questions through the chat function or in a breakout room to maintain confidentiality with others on the call.  

As a thank you…

Yes. If you participate in this study your family will receive a $10 gift card of your choice for each survey completed (a maximum of $20 per participant from your family) to either Amazon, Walmart, or Indigo. Upon completion of the study, an electronic gift card will be sent to you at the email address provided on the consent form. If you and / or your child do not complete the study, you will still receive the gift cards. 

How do I participate?

If you would like to participate in this study, complete the form below and you will be contacted by our team!