The Child & Youth Network’s ACT-i-Pass Project

Click here for 2018-2019 ACT-i-Pass Online Registration

You can register your child for the program at any time between May 2018 and May 2019

What is ACT-i-Pass? London’s Child & Youth Network (CYN), with their partners from the YMCA of London, Boys & Girls Club of London, City of London Parks & Recreation, & Spectrum Programs, is happy to offer the ACT-i-Pass to Grade 5 students in the City of London for the entire school year. By using the pass, Grade 5 students (plus 1) will have FREE access to indoor sports, skating, swimming, rounds of golf and other activities. The Grade 5 cohort has been chosen as research shows that physical activity begins to decrease in children as early as the age of 9 years. If grade 5 students will be given a chance at better health, longer lives, less illness, reduced screen time, and more play!

How can I register my child? To register your child for the 2018-2019 ACT-i-Pass program, your child must be entering Grade 5 in September of 2018. You can register them online by clicking here or by completing the hard copy of the registration form sent home by your children’s school in the spring of their grade 4 school year. To download a copy of the registration form click here. You can register your child for the program at any time between May 2018 and May 2019.
What is the Purpose? The purpose of the program is to increase a child’s ability to participate in physical activity, which can improve health, lengthen life, decrease illness, reduce screen time, and increase play in their lives! This project has been endorsed by, and has passed the ethical standards of, Western University and all school boards in London.
Why Evaluate the Program? Our team is studying the effectiveness of the Child & Youth Network’s Grade 5 ACT-i-Pass Program, to evaluate its effectiveness for improving children’s access to public recreation facilities and programs, and increasing their participation in physical activities. Parents are asked to complete the demographic questions on the registration form. The survey asks questions about your household and child, and takes about 5 minutes to complete. Participation in this study is completely voluntary and is not required to receive the ACT-i-Pass. For more information click here.
Do you need a replacement ACT-i-Pass Card? If you have already registered for the ACT-i-Pass program but you want to know how to use the pass, have lost your pass, or simply have not received your pass in the mail, please read the documents below and/or contact the ACT-i-Pass team at Western University at

Do you have any other questions? If you have any other questions about ACT-i-Pass, check out our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.

For further information about the ACT-i-Pass contact:

Western University Evaluation:

Dr. Andrew Clark & Dr. Jason Gilliland

519-661-2111 x82619

CYN-HEHPA Project Manager:

Danielle Tobin

519-661-2500 x2313

For information on how to continue accessing the programs offered once your child’s ACT-i-Pass program ends: Click here.

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