Social Science Centre 2333

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Brenton Button

PhD Candidate

Brenton’s research interests have been shaped by both his educational and professional backgrounds. After he completed his undergraduate in kinesiology he completed a bachelor of education at Lakehead University. After, finishing his teacher training he realized he still had many questions so he pursued a master’s degree that focused on the school built environment and school time physical activity relationship. After, he completed his master’s degree Brenton worked as a registered kinesiologist, and supply teacher in a small rural community. It was during this time off he once again found himself asking questions about the physical activity levels and patterns of the students he was teaching. It was these questions that brought Brenton to the HEAL lab. Brenton has been involved in Act-i-Pass, the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, the systematic review on children and nature, but his main focus is on recreating the STEAM study in a rural community. The STEAM study examines how a child’s environment influences their health behaviours. Applying the novel methods used in the STEAM study to the rural community will address gaps in children’s built environment research.