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Heather Jantzi


Western University

Heather is a masters student currently on the SmartAPPetite project. Her research interests are in food accessibility and nutrition literacy across the lifespan. She holds a graduate certificate in Gerontology Interprofessional Practice from Fanshawe College and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Acadia University. Heather worked in the food industry prior to pursuing graduate studies and intends to use this experience to focus her thesis on food skilling among teens. Heather is also a staff team member on the HEAL Youth Advisory Council (YAC), striving to promote positive research experiences with youth in the community.


  1. 2017

    BSc. Nutrition (Hons)

    Acadia University
  2. 2021

    Gerontology Interprofessional Practice Graduate Certificate

    Fanshawe College