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Join us in helping to increase children’s ability to participate in physical activity!

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Join us in helping to increase children’s ability to participate in physical activity!

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Join us in helping to increase children’s ability to participate in physical activity!

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What is ACT-i-Pass?

The ACT-i-Pass is a program that allows all grade 5 students that live or attend school in the city of London and St Thomas, and the counties of Elgin and Oxford (plus 1 friend, family member, or chaperone) the opportunity to access select FREE recreation programs throughout their ENTIRE school year, including the summer leading into grade 5.

What is the Purpose?

The purpose of the program is to increase a child’s ability to participate in physical activity, which can improve health, lengthen life, decrease illness, reduce screen time, and increase play in their lives! The ACT-i-Pass helps reduce barriers to participation by providing: local opportunities and/or transportation; an introduction to the resources that exist in the area; and, no cost to participation.

Active kids are:

  • less likely to develop heart disease and other chronic diseases;
  • more likely to have greater self-esteem and more positive attitudes;
  • more likely to do well in school and make friends more easily, and;
  • more likely to feel confident and ready to take on life’s

An active lifestyle = happy, confident, healthy kids!

Why Grade 5?

Grade 5 students have been chosen because research shows that physical activity begins to decrease in children as early as age 9. All children in London, St Thomas, Elgin and Oxford County entering Grade 5 in September can participate in this program. 

In order to provide programming for the ACT-i-Pass, we appreciate every service provider meet the following criteria:

Comply with OPHEA standards

  • The Ontario Physical Education Safety Standards for Education (OPHEA) outlines criteria for equipment, facilities, supervision and instructions to improve children’s safety in different sports and activities.
  • Please check out the OPHEA website to ensure your organization will be able to follow the standards required:

Participation Possibilities

  • As a provider, you may choose how many courses you are able to offer.
  • Courses/activities ideally should be available weekly (weekdays and/or weekends).
  • Programs can be offered all year round or seasonally.

Sustainability Consent

  • The ACT-i-Pass is a program that runs mainly on the generous contributions of our community members and therefore we need a commitment from your organization to participate for an entire season in order to guarantee our children a continuously well-structured program that values them as important members of our community.

Financial Commitment

  • In agreeing to participate in the ACT-i-Pass program, it is important that your organization is able to cover all costs to participants taking part in the program.
  • Children participating in one of your offered activities will do so without any costs or fees involved for them.


  • You agree that you have business liability insurance that will be valid for the participants of the ACT-i-Pass program.

Police Check and Qualifications of Staff

  • The participating service provider can provide police reference checks for all staff members dealing with children who will use the ACT-i-Pass.
  • Staff members are trained in first aid and CPR and have experience supervising children 10 -12 years of age

Values and Vision

  • The values and vision of your organization align to those of London’s Child & Youth Network and with other partner organizations.

Note: Service providers meeting the above criteria can participate in the ACT-i-Pass program subject to review by a committee comprised of community collaborators.

City of London
For your child (plus one) to use the ACT-i-Pass for free swimming or skating, simply show your pass at the front desk where they will record your pass number. For any questions, contact City of London at (519) 661-5575 or visit For your child (plus one) to use the ACT-i-Pass for one free round of golf, contact Hickory 9 at Thames Valley Golf Course at (519) 661-4441 to book a tee time. Please present your ACT-i-Pass to the staff in the club house and they will mark the top right corner of your card to show you have redeemed this offer.
City of London Recreation (Formally Spectrum)
The free programs your child can register for are found on the ACT-i-Pass schedule included in this package. Please note that the City of London recreation programs cannot accommodate a friend or/and sibling due to space limitations. These programs change seasonally, and updated schedules can be found at Program availability is dependent on registration numbers. The recreation programs are only free for ACT-i-Pass card holders. You must register your ACT-i-Pass card before registering. To register your card and sign-up for a program, please contact City of London Recreation at (519) 661-5575.
Boys & Girls Club of London
For your child (plus one) to use the ACT-i-Pass for drop-in programming, please complete the attached registration form and submit it to the front desk on your first visit. If your child brings a guest, they will also be expected to submit a signed registration form (available from the Boys & Girls Club). For any questions about the drop-in programs and information about accessing free transportation, contact the Boys & Girls Club of London at (519) 434-9114. Please note that your child is not allowed to use the free transportation until they have submitted the signed registration form at the Boys & Girls Club. For more information about the Boys & Girls Club, check out their website
(All 4 locations)
YMCA of London
For your child (plus one) to use the ACT-i-Pass drop-in programing at any of the London YMCA branches (see below), please complete the attached registration form and submit it at the front desk on your first visit. If your child brings a guest, they will be issued a guest pass for the day. You only need to register at one location for your pass to be valid at the three YMCA locations. For any questions about the drop-in programs, contact any of the following London branches: 1. Centre Branch: Website: | Phone: 519-667-3300 2. Bob Hayward: Website: | Phone: 519-457-2395 3. Stoney Creek: Website: | Phone: 519-667-4400 4. Bostwick: Website: | Phone: 519-907-3300
London Children’s Museum
When arriving at the Children's Museum, please present your card at the front desk. Adult supervision is required at all times. For more information or questions about the Children's Museum, visit or call (519) 434-5726
Palasad South
From September 1st to June 30th, ACT-i-Pass users are welcome to go to Palasad South or Palasad Socialbowl to enjoy free bowling Monday through Thursday between 4pm and 7pm. Visit: for more information.
Junction Climbing Centre
On Fridays from 4:00-10:30pm from April 12th – August 30th, children can use their ACT-i-Pass for free admission, harness, and shoes. Regular admission/rental prices apply to anyone else wanting to climb. Anyone coming into the facility needs to have a waiver, regardless of whether or not they are climbing. Anyone under 18 years old needs to have a waiver signed by their parent or court-appointed guardian. All children 12 and under need to be actively supervised by an adult 16 years or older. For more information or questions please visit or call (519) 438-1717

Do you have any other questions? 

If you have any other questions about ACT-i-Pass, check out our Frequently Asked Questions below

How is the program funded?

ACT-i-Pass leverages existing programs from community partners that have underutilized capacity, resulting in no additional cost to the service provider. In other words, this program offers open spaces in community programs to grade 5 children for free. This will benefit program partners and students equally; students will get the opportunity to experience unique programs and to be active, which consequently may lead to continued participation after their grade 5 school year. This will potentially increase ongoing registration rates for partnered organizations involved in the program.

What are the benefits of involvement in the ACT-i-Pass?

There are multiple benefits as a service provider in the ACT-i-Pass program.

  • Associate your business and logo with a successful program benefiting the health of local Grade 5 children.
  • Contribute any existing under-utilized capacity you may have – providing benefits to kids with no or limited added cost to your organization.
  • Join a network of recreation program providers serving the community.
  • Introduce new participants to your recreation services and opportunities.
  • Enjoy the benefits of free promotion of your recreation program services via ACT-i-Pass promotional vehicles.

How will service providers be promoted through the program?

Service providers will be promoted on the ACT-i-Pass website ( and in promotional material, including newsletters, social media, registration packages and reminders sent to grade 5 student periodically through the year (April, September, January).

What types of programming are you looking for with the ACT-i-Pass?

We are open to any activities that service providers are willing to provide for free to participants, with a specific interest in programs that give children the opportunity to be physically active.

What do you mean by ‘universal pass’?

Starting in the 2020-21 year, the ACT-i-Pass will be expanding into the counties of Oxford and Elgin, and the city of St. Thomas. The goal of the ACT-i-Pass is to be universal, which means that participants are able to use any service providers in London, Oxford, Elgin and St. Thomas. However, service provider are not required to supply universal programming. Instead, service providers have the option to offer activities for children who reside in select areas and this can be specified on the service provider enrollment form.

If we are not providing universal programming, how can we tell which children are eligible for our programs?

There is a difference between the passes based on if the child lives in London, Oxford, Elgin or St. Thomas. At the bottom of the pass, there is a letter in front of the enrollment number. The letter represent the following locations:

  • A = London
  • B = Oxford
  • C = Elgin
  • D = St. Thomas

What information is required from us as a service provider?

There is a service provider enrollment form. This will require information on the types of activities you are providing, when (date and time), where and any additional information required. This will be need to be filled out quarterly (or doing the times/seasons you are offering programming). This information is required a month before the beginning of each season in order to give adequate time to update the schedule. Please refer to the Enrollment page for more details.

Western University
Dr. Andrew Clark & Dr. Jason Gilliland;; 519-661-2111 x82619
CYN-HEHPA Project Manager
Kampman, Alexis;; 519-661-2500 x7281

Thank you for the generous support of the ACT-i-Pass funders: